Saturday, 9 February 2013

Create ADF Input Form Without First Displaying Existing Records

You can create a form that allows a user to enter information for a new record and then commit that record into the data source. While you can choose to use the default ADF Form and then drop the Create operation as a command button, when this type of form is first rendered, it displays the data for the first instance in the collection.

The ADF Creation form allows users to create new instances in the collection without first displaying existing instances, this scenario might be very simple but the new developers find difficulty in creating empty ADF Input Form when page loads for the first time.

You can download the sample workspace from here.
[Runs with Oracle JDeveloper + HR Schema]

Implementation Steps:-

Create Fusion web application with Business Components from Tables based on Department table. In view controller project create a jspx page then drag and drop DepartmentsView1->Form as ADF Form as shown in below image.

Go to page bindings, in Bindings section click on create control binding and select action item. In create action binding wizard select AppModuleDataControl->DepartmentsView1->Operation->createInsert.

In Executables section click in create executables Binding and select invokeAction item. In Insert invokeAction wizard and follow as shown in below image.
Edit the invokeCreateInsert and set the refresh to renderModel because when ever the page loaded this will execute the createInsert operation by inserting the empty record in the collection.
Run the jspx page and the web page will loaded with empty record.