Sunday, 17 March 2013

oracle adf interview questions and answers - Part One

JDeveloper IDE General

  • What are commonly used keyboard shortcuts in the editor?
  • How do I write JDeveloper extensions?
  • Can I change the default IDE font size?
    • Why would I choose Subversion over CVS for my file version control system in JDeveloper?
    • What happens when I delete a workspace or project in 10.1.3?
    • The page WSIWYG design editor doesn't show my page's components, it just shows a bunch of boxes

    ADF General

    • What do I modify ADF to set dbms_application_info for the database session so DBAs can monitor performance of my application?
    • What's the difference between ADF and OAF?

    ADF Business Components

    • (This link has been lost via the removal of OraBlogs. Contact Frank Nimphius for assistance in retrieving this post)
    • Is there a better way to rollback inserts and edit changes?
    • Does ADF support Oracle Flashback queries?

    JavaServer Faces (JSF)

    • Rather than a JSF sessionScope or requestScope, how do I implement a pageScope in JSF 1.x?
    • How do I implement a progress indicator for slowing running operations?
    • What changes to ADF Faces\RC does JDeveloper's support for JSF1.2 deliver?

    ADF Faces

    • How to I create a delete record facility for each record in an ADF Table?
    • How do I populate an af:tree component programmatically?
    • Can I prevent keyboard navigation to a rendered component?
    • How to display an open file dialog and upload a file from the UI?
    • Is it possible to change the color of values in a table?

    ADF Faces Rich Client (RC)

    • How do I implement templating in ADF Faces RC?
    • How do I work with the drag and drop features in ADF Faces RC?
    • Can ADF Faces RC work with JavaScript?
    • How do I remove that annoying spinning Oracle logo?
    • How does the user's experience with ADF Faces RC differ from ADF Faces?
    • The client insists field level validation errors should stop the user from moving out of the field, how can I do this?


    • How do I reference the current user in my components/backing beans/ADF BC application module?
    • Can I use database tables for authentication?
    • Can I use database users for authentication?


    • What do I need to worry about when deploying my ADF application?

    Version Control


    • How do I configure JDeveloper's HTTP Analyzer?


    • What deployment issues can caching solve?

    Product integration

    • How do I integrate technology X, Y, Z with JDeveloper or ADF?

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